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Caption Competition

1 Jul 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Borg Riker, Commander, First Officer, Adult Movie Star!

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Greek massage??? Anyone?? Greek massage?"
Frankie Chestnuts ...and yet ANOTHER rejected Holosuite program.
C. W. Perkins Now, not only did Riker have absolute proof that Data was fully functional, but he also had proof that the android's aim as well as his sexual preference was a little off.
Frankie Chestnuts Holosuite Romance Novels gone bad.
Miss Marple I call this look "The Fabio".
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Please Deanna... PLEASE don't make me do this again!"
Frankie Chestnuts ...and from the "Wesley Crusher Collection"... Here we have Willy looking smart in a very delicate demi-coat in powder blue, Romulan silk.
Thank you, Willy.
Mr. Worf These new ear communicators are not going to work out for most of the men , and they new uniforms are a bit drafty.
jg Here is a rare glimpse at an ego inhibitor implant.
Frankie Chestnuts When sweeps week goes wrong...
Terribly wrong.
Frankie Chestnuts Normally, after a night of heavy drinking with his buddies, Riker wakes up with a mustache drawn on his face and his hand in a bucket of water.
Last night, he must have been VERY drunk.
Admiral ED I'm too sexy for my shirt
Borg Riker hopes showing a little skin will get him in DITL's Caption Comp
11001001 I'll take "Things I didn't want to see on Star Trek" for 200, Alex.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "I'm here for my Brazilian, Mr. Mott!"
The Geek Here we see The Geek doing ANYTHING to win another Caption Competition...
11001001 Deanna: "Will, I say this as your friend and ship's counselor, it's time to get a new off duty wardrobe."
Will: "*Sigh* All good things..."
11001001 #.gifsIDontWantToSee
Cyrus Ramsay Even more embarrassing than "These Are the Voyages".
The Geek "I don't always get my ears pierced, but when I do, I get one ear pierced 47 times. Stay freaky, friends."
mikey "Set phasers to FABULOUS!"
McFortner Hawaiian shirts don't get any better in the future.
mwhittington Riker: Note to self: Never get drunk with a bunch of Ferengi and get a "Prince Albrox".
Nutso Oh the 1980's, when chest hair was sexy.

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