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Caption Competition

1 Mar 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
jg At this moment, the Bajoran Orbs are not the orbs that Sisko is interested in.

Special Mention

Name Caption
jg Jennifer: My eyes are up here soldier.
Sisko: I've made my choice and my eyes are staying put.
Bird of Prey Sisko: ''If she turns out to actually be a Changeling, I will ask her if she can make her boobs bigger.''
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko (to self): "Suck in your gut... Suck in your gut... Suck I your gut..."
Haiku Jennifer and Ben
walk along a scenic beach;
Jake is the result.
Miss Marple My eyes are UP HERE, buddy.
Frankie Chestnuts Interesting Fact: They are both wearing swimsuits from the 20th century.
Jennifer from the late 20th century.
Sisko from early 20th century... VERY early.
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: I'm the emissary of an ENTIRE planet to their Prophets... Wanna come back to my room?
Frankie Chestnuts FOCUS:
If you stare at this photo long enough, you will see Benjamin Sisko.
Bird of Prey Jeniffer: ''Our son wants to become a poet. Do you think he will be successful with that?''
Ben: ''Ha, no! That would be as likely as me becoming some aliens' messiah!''
Silent Bob Sisko: "Look Jennifer, I'm telling you, that water was cold!"
11001001 Sisko: "Has anyone told you how beautiful your eyes are?"
Wormhole Jennifer blushing: "I bet you say that to all the wormhole aliens."
Chromedome In other news, Starfleet Security are looking for an alien who steals parts of uniforms. It is described as badly dressed.
Sondak Something, something, orb of something.
Bird of Prey ''Hey, you are looking exactly like my dead wife!'
''Worst pick-up line ever!''
Frankie Chestnuts Unfortunately for Sisko, he's had worse dates than meeting up with his deseased wife.
Bird of Prey What happens in Ben's wormhole vision stays in Ben's wormhole vision!
Cyrus Ramsay Sisko had the perfect defence against the Borg; they would never assimilate a culture with this kind af fashion sense.
Bird of Prey Ben: ''I am too sexy for this shirt!''
Jennifer: ''Everyone would be too sexy for this particular shirt!''
11001001 Felecia Bell suspects Avery Brooks is intentionally prolonging the scene after he 'forgets his lines' again for the 20th time.

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