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Caption Competition

1 Feb 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bird of Prey Bynars: ''And we would have gotten away with stealing the Enterprise, if it wasn't for this meddling kid!''

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Can I keep 'em mom? Can I? Can I?
RedDwarfian Wil Wheaton says: "Don't be a dick."
Miss Marple Another awkward teenage subplot... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Frankie Chestnuts Wesley: "Hello, I'm a Mac."
011010: "And I am Linux."
100101: "And I am also Linux."
011010: "You cannot be Linux. I said I was Linux first."
100101: "What do you expect me to be? WINDOWS?"
011010 & 100101: "HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!"
Tobias Wesley: Can I keep them?
Crusher: NO!
Wesley: But...But... They followed me home!
Tobias Wesley: Captain, they want to install IE on our computer.
Tobias Wesley: Hello, I'm a Mac.
10: ...And I'm a Commodore.
01: ...And I'm an IBM.
DBB Wheaton: Wow, the Olsen twins don't look anything like they do on television.
Tobias 10: Should we kill him?
01: We could. There is red in his shirt.
10: But there is also blue. And yellow.
01: Yellow shirts die too... sometimes.
10: Good point. *whack*
Miss Marple Another Star Trek "First Kiss" between: um, uh one of these and two of those.
Tobias Wesley: Mahna mahna.
Bynars: (singing) do doo do do do.
Wesley: Mahna mahna.
Bynars: (singing) do do do do.
Wesley: Mahna Mahna!
Bynars: (singing) do doo do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do do do do do.
Bird of Prey Even in these presence of members of a species whose entire lifestyle is dedicated to computer programming, Wesley is still the biggest nerd in the room.
C. W. Perkins Riker: Problem, Wes?
Crusher: Well, Sir, the Binars keep calling me Kenny and keep asking me to put on a red uniform. Why would they do that?
Riker: Well Ken...uh...Wes, maybe they heard of how the rest of the crew has petitioned the Captain to have you wear a red uniform. You know, to make you part of the crew.
Wes: Really?
101: Get to...
010: ...kill Kenny.
101 We will...
010 Bastards!
Drewflav Even the asexual Bynars had bigger balls than Wesley Crusher!
Miss Marple Beverly: ...and if you EVER, act like that AGAIN, in front of the BYNARS...
Moms -It's just how they talk.
Bird of Prey Wesley: ''Benzites, the Traveller - and now this guys! How come I always have to work with weirdos?''
Nutso Wesley: ...and one day I'll be big and strong and they won't laugh at me anymore...
Alien 1: Who's he talking too?
Alien 2: And where are his pants?
Miss Marple ...and, because all you adults are always smiling & ignoring me it's going to take you pretty much a WHOLE HOUR before you realize that the Bynars steal the Enterprise, and then SUDDENLY I've got to save all your asses...
Picard, nodding: Excellent, Wesley.
N'tran DS 12 Yikes, there are two nerds watching my back,
and a whole lot more staring at me through the computer interface,
11001001 They say our warp core emissions are causing galactic warming and we should switch to one that gets better light-years to the antimatter units.
Frankie Chestnuts Wesley: "Maaaahm... The Bynars keep saying I'm a "10"... Why do they keep snickering behind my back??"
Bynar 01: "He, he, he... He's a 10..."
Miss Marple ...One of us! One of us! Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble!...
Passerby He thought he could photobomb the Bynars and steal the show in the subspace caption competition.
He was wrong.
11001001 10: "11111111111."
01: "You will have to forgive my friend. He stutters."

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