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Caption Competition

1 Apr 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Cyrus Ramsay Picard: Number One, has it ever occurred to you that these journeys always take precisely as long as we need in order to complete the discussion we started when we entered the turbo-list?

Special Mention

Name Caption
Cyrus Ramsay Patrick: I think these "X-Men" movies will really help my career.
Jonathan: Ah, but my "Thunderbirds" movie will be absolutely epic.
jg Picard: ...and their history dates back 10,000 years. I can't wait to see some those historical...
Riker (thinking to himself): Longest turbo lift ride ever.
jg Riker smiling because he knows exactly what he is going to do if they get stranded for days on this turbolift. He will eat very well.
PegasusJF Riker (to self): Just smile and nod...
PegasusJF (Off Screen): In this week's Candid Camera we put this life like hologram of one Commander Riker and see how the crew reacts!
PegasusJF So ridden with secrets and guilt the crew of the Enterprise D could NEVER look each other in the eye.
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Well, I think the upgrades Geordi made to the plasma injectors are phenomenal! I am encouraging him to write it up and submit the modification to the Journal of Warp Technology. I cannot believe we improved efficiency 3.5%... THREE POINT FIVE PERCENT!! Amazing!!! I think the work is entirely deserving of publication. And in just two years…”
Riker (to self): “Dum-de-dum… I wonder if they will have any of that cake left over from last night.”
laclone (elevator muzak): "Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose,there's nothing to it
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Alright... Let me see... You transported him off the starboard nacelle?"
Riker: "Nope."
Picard: "OK... You sabotaged his Sub-Molecular Biology experiment, it will mutate and enter his blood stream resulting in a slow painful death?"
Riker: "Close... But no."
Picard: "I give up... What happened to Wesley?"
Riker: "I set him up in the Holodeck with one of Warf's training programs... then disengaged the safety protocols."
Picard: "Well done, Number One."
Miss Marple Riker, to self: I just can't wait to show him this manicure. God -I love this Metro-Sexual stuff.
Picard, to self: Good lord, what' s he gone and done now? He's an embarrassment to nancy boys!
Miss Marple Riker, to self: My new nose-hair clipper gives such a great trim. God -I love this Metro-Sexual stuff.
Picard, to self: Good lord, what' s he gone and done now? He's an embarrassment to nancy boys!
jg Picard: Number One, I recently came across a report stating the Federation colony Centari III has had a huge increase in births recently. Didn't you go there on leave?
Riker: Yes sir.
Picard: When were you there did you see notice anything unusual?
Riker: Didn't notice anything usual.
Picard: When were you there?
Riker: Around nine months ago.
laclone "You know Will, as often we use the turbolifts, and no matter how many decks outside flash by..., I can still only see 4 lights!"

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