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Caption Competition

1 Mar 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bird of Prey Spock: ''How many muppets had to die for your coat, Mr. Garth?''

Special Mention

Name Caption
T'Pau Soylent green really *IS* people!!
Miss Marple Nimoy, to self: Now cut to next scene where he's pulling his " Space Cowboy" boots back on...
Miss Marple Star Trek's second go-round at the "first kiss by a white guy and a ______" record.
Cyrus Ramsay Marta: Captain, I have been conditioned to fulfill your every desire.
Kirk: You mean you can tell me Uhura's first name?
kent And just like the Jolly Green Giant said, "ho, ho, ho"...
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''So, you are one of those famous Orion Slave Girls?''
Orion: ''Please, Captain! Our society has evolved significantly during the last few years. We are called Orion Minimum Wage Girls now.''
Haiku (Horrible Haiku)
Orion Slave Girl
wants to seduce the Captain.
Spock will let her try...
Haiku (another horrible Haiku)
Garth unleashes slave,
But one neck pinch saves the day.
Kirk has date tonight.
McFortner Careful, Captain. The green ones are not ripe yet.

Entries : 139People : 39

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