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Caption Competition

1 Dec 2012

Caption comp image


Name Caption
mwhittington Star Trek: Deep Space Whine.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Nog, to self: With that crap on her nose she's GOT TO have self esteem issues... I'm sure I have a shot with THIS one!
Miss Marple Damaging your friends by wearing bulky steampunk attire: RISKY
Refusing to wear the traditional Bajoran earing to piss off your parents : PRICELESS
Miss Marple Nog, to self: ...must not stare at her ears...
Jake, to self: ...must not stare at her toes...
Miss Marple Awkward teenage subplots... IN SPAAAAACE!
Frankie Chestnuts Crossover Idea:
"16 And Pregnant: Deep Space Nine"
Frankie Chestnuts Jake is wondering how to get this girl into the holosuite.
Nog is wondering how to get this girl to into a Dabo outfit.
EMH_MkI Pictured: Children's life on board DS9 without Tang.
Bird of Prey Nog: ''Date me! My Uncle owns a bar!''
Jake: ''My Dad runs the station!''
Nog: ''My Dad is an excellent engineer!''
Jake: ''My Grandpa owns a restaurant!''
Nog: ''My Grandma dates the Grand Nagus!''
Jake: ''My Dad is the Emissary!''
Nog: ''Damn, can't top that...'''
Frankie Chestnuts Nog: "Well, when my mother left me and my father, she took all our money and we were forced to come here and work for my uncle."
Jake: "That's nothing. Four years ago my mother was killed by the Borg.... At least we pray that she was killed... She may have been assimilated. How about you?"
Sul: "I'm sorry, I really wasn't paying attention... Ooo, that doctor's cute. Is he married?"
Cyrus Ramsay Come on, girl; you have to get back in the ring. One more round and Rocky's finished.
Ty.G Sul: And I have a grudge against him... and him... and her... and him... OH yes, definitely him. And her... and him... Oh I won't begin to go into what SHE did!
Jake: Do Bajorans do anything besides make grudge lists?
Sul: Don't start with me Jake, I'll never forgive you if you start with me.
Jake: *sigh* Fine!
Sul: Anyway... I also have a grudge against him... and him... her... him...

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