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Title : Vulcan's Heart
Writers : Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz
Year : 1999
Rating : 3.6667 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Vicx Rating : 5
Review : I absolutely agree with Michael, this book is riveting from start to finish. I loved the way that the authours pulled a major event from 'Yesterday's Enterprise' into the story and used Picard sparingly to smuggle Saavik to the Enterprise-C. Its an amazing book, and I hear the new trilogy- Vulcan's Soul is even better.
Reviewer : ASR Rating : 1
Review : I am afraid I must disagree. Although Vulcan's Heart merges two of my favourite Trek subjects, it manages to do so in a rather lacklustre way. Continuing the storyline of Saavik from The Pandora Principle, the character in all of trek lore who hates Romulans the most, this novel contains none of the fireworks you's expect from such a person going undercover as a Romulan. However much I like Uhura as head of Starfleet intel, the rest of the characters are, well, monotone. The Romulan story is on shakey ground. First, the whole panic over Spock going AWOL in Unification would not have happened, because Starfleet Intelligence would have had records of Spock's underground involvement on Romulus. The Romulans themselves are rather corny, from their battle cry to the pathetically unbelievable dictatorship of what's-his-face. This book shares its lack of an exciting and intelligent premise with most of the recent pre-TNG arc from Pocket Books.
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 5
Review : Absolutely engrossing grom start to finish- I loved how the Enterprise-C neatly dovetailed into the action and how Spock came to be on Romulus- just stunning and superb. Amazing.
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