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Title : Chain of Attack
Writers : Gene DeWeese
Year : 1987
Rating : 2.0000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ktasay Rating : 2
Review : The Enterprise gets transported by an unexplained 'gate' to a completely different galaxy (or part of our galaxy - it isn't really clear), where they help stop a centuries-old war. But then the warring parties turn on the Enterprise. Not too bad of a story, but it had very weak points when dealing with basic astrophysics and Treknology.
Reviewer : y7Xa2Kpy Rating : 1
Review : The fighter Bae Myung Ho is also is a model for the koaern underwear brand S&R. You can find some of his photoshots in yaxoo shopping japan website!
Reviewer : AVHHoUImk Rating : 1
Review : Hm IM thinking Amanda Tapping or Ben Browder Or Richard Anderson or what's her name from Farscape the aceressts who played Officer Sun oh i can't remember. ugh. ..IM sure Matt Or JD will know her name.. +1Was this answer helpful?
Reviewer : LcLNPg4SL Rating : 5
Review : Get rich, be successful, blog, poacsdt, blah I feel like it is 1999 all over again.My issues with this book are:1. It is very light on critical analysis of when these technologies are of value. Face it hundreds of thousand of businesses should not have blogs or employ most of these technologies.2. There is almost no information on the return on investment of these technologies versus other marketing media or tactics. Having a media / PR person spend 10 hours developing a sketch media plan, buying ads in a circular, building an email list, etc. could be 1,000 times more beneficial than spending the hundreds of hours that costs to implement most of these tactics well.3. The goals for using each technology should be crystal clear and realistic and the hype in this book does not reflect that.4. Rising above the noise on the Internet is really, really hard. This book gives you no information on how to do that beyond the age old adage of know your buyer. I started to write it's ironic that there is a chapter on how to develop thoughtful content and then I had a realization that the author is actually a good marketer. This book isn't about imparting knowledge and being useful to businesses and organizations. It's about selling books. The author is very aware of his buyer it is somebody who is rightfully in awe of the Internet and its viral potential, heard Dell figured out how to make $3 million on twitter (their ad budget is $1.5 billion per year), and doesn't know what their first step should be. Unfortunately, this book isn't a good place to start. That person would be better served by learning about these technologies on wikipedia, reading the ClickZ website (an actually useful resources for online marketing) and asking themselves the critical questions about how these new tools could realistically improve their marketing effort.More critical analysis of when these technologies should be used is needed, not this drivel.
Reviewer : eBrCpEPezEBd Rating : 1
Review : Hi edifanob It's mkinag me smile that's got to be a good thing right?I really should use Wonderlands more actually any online forum. I have too many interests to keep them all maintained properly. I need a couple of clones. One to write, one to paint, one to take photos, one to read, one to work out, one to go to work, one to watch tv, one to go out . the list goes on
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