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Title : Caretaker
Writers : L.A. Graf
Year : 1995
Rating : 1.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : q7GVBRJZRo7t Rating : 0
Review : It's about time sonoeme wrote about this.
Reviewer : ikyIlpCme Rating : 3
Review : Almost four years ago, I was in a courtroom like the one Louise descbires, and on March 8, I'll blog about my commitment to breaking the silence that surrounds domestic violence and fighting for women who've experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse. I'll remember Louise and all the women who have walked and will walk in our shoes.Thanks, Heather, for putting together this great project.
Reviewer : dkB8V5uqE Rating : 1
Review : You're a teenager who has no idea what goes on in the world. You bevleie what you see on the news, but they're all being told what to tell you by the government. Haven't you heard of propaganda? The government just uses labels to get people to do what they want. They use the word´╗┐ terrorist to describe more than just Muslims, they use the word crazy, or paranoid to describe conspiracy theorists, all to make it okay to attack these people, and get Americans on board with their ulterior motives.
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