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Title : The Star Trek Crew Book
Writers : John Peel
Year : 1988
Rating : 0.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : 8UJN5U0JJA8 Rating : 0
Review : It is so trivially easy to keep track of when each mancihe updated, which packages it has installed, how its software load differs from the standard that most people I know that do this sort of thing are happy with the command line text based tools and a bit of scripting for centralized reporting. Sure, there are tools like Canonical’s Landscape (RedHat and SuSE have tools as well), that will give you a fancy front end for this sort of thing, but they are hardly necessary. The fact of the matter is that maintaining Linux desktops is easy, assuming that you have the required expertise, and your software all runs on Linux.Jason, what SCALE are we talking about, however?You speak of easy.How many desktops? How many departments? How many restricted application structures, etc.And will the environment have blackberry server support as well?Integration into company email?The problem isn't with Linux, but there IS a problem with the types of integration Windows shops expect.
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