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Title : Star Trek: Trillions of Trilligs
Writers : Christopher Cerf, Sharon Lerner
Year : 1977
Rating : 5.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : SZgociEZ Rating : 5
Review : THis piece is absolutely bilniralt! THe planet killer sized threat to our society is enspirited in obama and his ilk. For all you liberal mushheads out there, please please please explain to me how anything BO is doing is in the least sustainable. HIs effort to spend the living poop out of our country without any hope of paying back the crushing debt is litterally killing us. THere is only one word for BO... UNSUSTAINABLE. Is it possible maybe that word can penetrate the imbedded perceptions of all you hopeless BO supporters? And by the way - for those who recognize that the Fed Reserve is a Foreign Private bank, that essentially controls our politicians and media, know that our best chance of getting rid of them is NOT the tax & spend democrats but rather the ones who are at least in favor of controlling the spending.
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