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Title : The Dominion War 1 : Behind Enemy Lines
Writers : John Vornholt
Year : 1998
Rating : 1.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : KurdtLives Rating : 1
Review : This Duology had a interesting and potentially exciting premise, but was bogged down in very mediocre writing. Tons of redundant dialogue and lame character developement weaken what should of been a faster paced TNG in Dominion War novel envoking the great DS9 two parters. Granted, TNG was a different show, but it sounds like a lot of interesting stuff was happening not covered in the novel. instead of a two part novel, it should of been one book 3/4 as long as both. Definately no Battle of Betazed.
Reviewer : lan Rating : 2
Review : just finished it tonight. not bad. lots of redundancy. how many times does john vornholt have to say "theres a war on" for us to get it? A LOT LESS THAN HE DID! the idea of mining from a black hole was interesting, but rather underdeveloped for all the time he spent on it. hard to understand what a lot of the characters are feeling or their motivation but otherwise, ok.
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