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Title : Relics
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman
Year : 1992
Rating : 4.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : unbel1ever Rating : 3
Review : "Relics" is the novelization of the TNG episode bearing the same title. Relics is one of my TNG favourites and the novel gives a great deal of information that could not be captured on film. We learn quite a lot about Scotty. e.g. what actually happened that landend him in this transporter. There is of course no real suspense when you've seen the episode, but it is really an interesting read and I enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer : HoIJE6Cz Rating : 5
Review : Typical selfish, self saiesftid, and ignorant fool. I suppose this cop never bothered to read the US Constitution he's supposedly so proud to defend. He doesn't understand that it is not only the right, but the obligation of citizens in a democracy to gather and to protest in force when the government abdicates it's responsibility to the people. Irony or ironies, he points out that "You wanted OBama, you got him" yet fails to recognize that he offers the clearest proof yet, of a political system, so broken, that even the election of a supposedly transformational leader like Obama, changed nothing. If we are not obligated to take to the streets now, then when? When is enough, enough? This cop pulls the FauxNews/Conservative ploy of invoking "the troops" as the real heroes of the nation, again failing to once again, miss the tragic irony in his own words - "the troops" who have volunteered and sacrificed and indeed are heroes, are also hit hardest by the cynical politics of the day that at once invokes their honor, while destroying the very institutions and programs these men and women rely on to survive - the VA, public housing, education, energy and nutritional assistance. One in three military families rely on food stamps to make ends meet. But the people this cop supposedly thinks are above rebuke, would tell that family that they are not working hard enough or smart enough and that they should pay more in taxes and fees - because it's their own fault that they rely on government sponsored social programs!If not now, when is it time to take to the streets to protest this injustice? How about that cop and his own family - how many budget cuts, and how many union sacrifices will be too much for his family to bear? Perhaps when he looses his union provided pension to a corrupt Wall St, while his tax dollars continue to fund the bonus pools of bankrupt banks, when his kids can no longer get lunch, art, music, sports, or extra help at school (hey - that day is here!). Or when his union provided medical benefits are cut back so far that any serious illness threatens to bankrupt his family, just as it does for all those military families he worships... Perhaps though, he's a true believer and will gladly shoulder the responsibility for his demise as a product of his own laziness, ineptitude, or just bad luck. But, i doubt it.
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