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Title : Power Hungry
Writers : Howard Weinstein
Year : 1989
Rating : 3.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : oWF1IDWbiLdQ Rating : 3
Review : I think that Sisko showed in the first few saosen to be adept at handling anything that came his way. There may not have been a war, but he was Commander of one of the most diverse and busy stations in the Federation and always handled himself with dignity and strength. I do not believe that he would have had any issue coming back and being a leader in peace time. Of course he is back in the books and there is not a lot of peace with the Cold War that is brewing with the Typhon Pact, so we may have to wait to get the full answer to this question. -2Was this answer helpful?
Reviewer : rQtxVYA7c4b Rating : 3
Review : Good man. Some of the unknown rcroeds you've been featuring are pretty much exclusive here, and it'll be good to hear them without having to pot-luck them from GEMM.
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