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Title : Multicultural Communication and Popular Culture: Racial and Ethnic Images in Star Trek
Writers : Marquita L. Byrd
Year : 1998
Rating : 2.4348 for 23 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Y1Jl7FWFcY Rating : 5
Review : Two of my favorite peolpe! Emily and Laura! How could I not LOVE this video?!?!Such a great topic too! Thank you for sharing and making a video. Consistency and flow such a powerful topic. Loved the arm lifting illustration, could definitely feel the difference. Also liked feeling the fusion of consistency and flow, consistent flow! Powerful! Wow! Thank you Laura and Emily!! Much love!xoxo
Reviewer : 3lOmxxIk Rating : 4
Review : Matt, I agree with you about the trailer and what Abrams has done to guard the story. I beilvee that it is why the first one was so good and well accepted; you didn't know what was going to happen in the movie before you went in and it allowed the us to be taken for a ride in a way that had not happened in a long time. Since trailers do like to ruin the movie for you by giving you the whole story before you go in. So well done Abrams, making it imperative that people go to the theater to see the movie because you have not already destroyed the experience by giving them everything before they have even set down. +2Was this answer helpful?
Reviewer : FvlKStevu Rating : 5
Review : Yrsaon Samme1la af0 f3fearfi se9 af0 draga ff3lk ed dilka, forde6ma, skammast fat ed og banna e1kvef0na tedsku. En e9g held af0 feaf0 geri feaf0 fe6stir ed raun og veru, feaf0 kemur kaknsni fat feannig. c9g held af0 feegar feetta tiltekna vif0fangsefni ber e1 gf3ma fee1 se9 ff3lk frekar hre6tt vif0 af0 eitthvaf0 eitt se9 af0 verf0a normif0 (he1rleysi) og allt annaf0 (t.d. he1rprfdf0i) se9 fee1 e1litif0 f3gef0slegt, f3feriflegt, osfrv. Og margir setja auf0vitaf0 fat e1 ed feessum me1lum af0 einhverju sem se9 ekki f6llum af0 skapi af0 gera, finnst feaf0 jafnvel se1rt og f3fee6gilegt, se9 gert svo undir ferfdstingi se9rstaklega af ungum stelpum. c9g styf0 heils hugar fjf6lbreytni, og minn e1hugi e1 vif0fangsefninu hefur alltaf verif0 umfram allt sprottinn fram af einske6rum e1huga e1 menningarlegum skedrskotunum he1rtedsku (feved he1r er auf0vitaf0 ekki bara he1r) og svo stf6ku sinnum reynt af0 taka upp hanskann fyrir grey he1rin sem lf6gf0 eru ed einelti, en ekki beint af0 gagnrfdna he1rleysi
Reviewer : 3CHYldzoj Rating : 0
Review : ma kala:giati o flamis mileai synexeia gia logariasmo tis xasoura; ayti den exei foni; nomizo einai aplo to thema: an h xasoyra paradexthei oti dexthike epithesi kai o rigopoulos den tis kanei minisi, tote paei na pei oti kati sinebi. gia pio logo omos h kopela den mileai dimosios, oste na dieykolinei ta pragmata kai na dromologisei exelixeis; kopela moy bges dimosia na peis pos eginan ta pragmata, oste na doyme ti tha praxei o rhgopoulos !!!kai kati allo: aytoi oi texnikoi poy epikalitai o flamis, den exoyn onoma; ti einai; FANTASMATA;
Reviewer : ouz5XuHF Rating : 2
Review : I'm not sure why but this blog is loading elrmetexy slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.
Reviewer : 29iHXjMIFS Rating : 3
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Reviewer : IJ02ltYzaro Rating : 1
Review : At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prmobel!
Reviewer : oFuxx4WTY3 Rating : 4
Review : This arctlie keeps it real, no doubt.
Reviewer : CdwHMFKi700 Rating : 4
Review : Oct25 I have terrible pbolrems trying to keep my laptop cool. I'm in the Caribbean and I actually landed on your page whilst trying to find the best laptops for this type of climate. If you can recommend any, please let me know.
Reviewer : YsncXTDMQLjC Rating : 1
Review : youstupidmoronIt's amazing that beucase truthers are lesser educated, have zero common sense and can't figure out a very simple set of events, their only way to explain what they can't understand is controlled demo . They can't fathom how the impact of the planes destroyed the fireproofing, the fire weakened the steel, the hundreds of thousands of tons of the above floors pushed down on the weakened beams and they collapsed, with each floor the weight and speed of collapse grew exponentially. Very simple
Reviewer : QHCvCCWSp42N Rating : 0
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Reviewer : wnTPXFrL06 Rating : 0
Review : It's great to find somonee so on the ball
Reviewer : XQKoI0gSS3 Rating : 4
Review : This is way more helpful than anhyitng else I've looked at.
Reviewer : 7cHA3hCa Rating : 4
Review : You're the one with the brains here. I'm wanhcitg for your posts.
Reviewer : 0LczP7PS Rating : 2
Review : Too many copilmments too little space, thanks!
Reviewer : LZAFrez8Gl0w Rating : 0
Review : The Firefox version gives me a 404 error when tring to dooalnwd.The Chrome version always prompts to install.How can I download one of the previous working releases
Reviewer : YkHIskgSy0 Rating : 5
Review : thank you for showing youre buuitafel work.It is incredible how internet join us, I'm in the end of the world looking youre work!I allways came, it is a grat spot!happy holidaySol
Reviewer : HquuynZc Rating : 1
Review : Ghost N Goblins is a classic. I rebemmer pumping 10p peices into the arcade machine at my local arcade back in the day although I never did get close to completing it.
Reviewer : SKjWt5NudR Rating : 3
Review : Thanks for the info. Do you know anything that does log gologe voice calls? Apparently this is what all the cheaters are using now to avoid anything showing up on the call log or bill. That and Yahoo messenger. These men are getting so crafty it's hard for the poor woman to know what she's dealing with. You know something is up but you can never prove it and if you confront without proof you are accused of being nuts.
Reviewer : 4A9o8jdElr7 Rating : 4
Review : I must point out my gratitude for your kind-heartedness giivng support to individuals who have the need for help on your situation. Your real dedication to getting the solution around has been extremely informative and has specifically enabled women like me to realize their targets. Your personal interesting useful information signifies much to me and even more to my colleagues. With thanks; from all of us.
Reviewer : s9W21vh9TU Rating : 1
Review : well that was some suck.The only thing I found funny at all was the fact that little cry bebias who bitch and scream with things like this....don't do fuck all in the real world to try and solve what they see as a "problem". Oh yes, much better to waste your time on this then ACTUALLY doing something.Go outside failtard, might learn something.
Reviewer : h5PU8fog9 Rating : 1
Review : Hi, CCAM! Oh, no wonder he's so sexy!! I never saw that movie, but yeah, he was in it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gerry Butler!!! Have you seen him in "The Phantom of the Opera"? TOTAL HOTNESS. YUM, YUM!!! You chagend your header picture, but I love this new one, too!! :)
Reviewer : L4QPqQfMW Rating : 2
Review : 2013年1月22日 3:34 PMThis is the reverse e7b4a0e69d90e3‚b5e3ƒb3e3ƒ—e3ƒabe4b8€e8a6a7e3ƒše3ƒbce3‚b8 diary for annoye who wants to attempt out out virtually this subject. You mention so overmuch its most debilitating to represent with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new reel on a content thats been backhand most for years. Overnice squeeze, just uppercase!
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