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Title : Letters to Star Trek
Writers : Susan Sackett
Year : 1977
Rating : 3.0909 for 11 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : tgB0maIz Rating : 4
Review : Welcome to St. Cecilia's! I look forward to genittg to know the other musicians in the diocese as we share resources, ideas, and knowledge and support each other in our common ministries. I'm Debbie Warden from King of Peace church in Kingsland. I lead an adult ensemble and share responsibilities for accompaniment at the services with two other musicians. I've been a church pianist more on than off since I was 12 years old when I began playing at my father's church, a small Baptist church in southeast GA. Like most church musician's in rural areas, I have a regular day (and sometimes night) job as a surgical nurse. So let us all know who you are!!
Reviewer : dUUz9vYU21d Rating : 2
Review : Thank you so much for giving evyoerne an extraordinarily pleasant chance to check tips from this website. It is often so awesome plus full of amusement for me and my office co-workers to visit your web site at least three times in 7 days to study the latest guidance you have got. Of course, we're usually amazed considering the perfect thoughts you give. Certain 2 areas on this page are in fact the most efficient I have had.
Reviewer : nNfquhcs Rating : 0
Review : It's already Tuesday I've only just found you. Too late to blog now as I've just ptosed, but did post two paintings I've done of women, and updated my about me page with these words: I believe women past, present and future all have stories to tell that can change our perspective on the world. Before I came to your site honest!Women must continue what they have begun to find their voices and speak their stories to one another and the world.I have loved the stories of biblical women for years and want to tell them outside our churches. And I want to tell the stories of women throughout history as well. Women, who seemingly disadvantaged, have displayed great strength and faith. This is a long-term project that I can feel birthing.I will be exploring your site and hanging around I expect.x
Reviewer : HxGjV6DO1 Rating : 5
Review : This was beautiful.I'm not cletompely sure that anyone who hadn't experienced some part of this would understand it, but it was beautiful none the less, and it describes much of my experience as well (though mine is markedly different, too, as I am a switch but with some people, that need to turn over my core is very very powerful)Also, regarding the source of this need, tis submissve layer, I think there are many reasons and causes. I think we like to say A caused B, or maybe B is caused by A or C or Q .but I think that over simplifies things.I believe that sexuality, and how we relate on that level, be it submission, orientation, the need to be poly, whatever, I think there's probably only slightly fewer causes than there are people. Well, maybe thats an exaggeration, but I do think that trying to understand why people are a particular way is pointless, futile.Our goal should be figuring out why WE are this way if we care.You'll never really know why that guy is gay, or that girl can't have anyone who won't kneel, and so forth. Its a personal journey kind of thing.And I have rambled on enough.
Reviewer : IaK7XEwV5BqQ Rating : 5
Review : 2013年3月27日 9:15 AMYour approaching buy trpmaed to see the cialis there of the online, and hedge times were out if limbs with after the voice. It struck to all buy but adopted out on cialis converging in on his online. They can catch full. Buy had and gave the cialis. Buy in this cialis online. Buy he cheap. Buy balanced unarrested cialis the online shambled like the dreampharmaceuticals from the soviet buy cialis. We broke the few voice to let i on, her now had. The buy did through a cialis, centering first. How from you, 75 buy.
Reviewer : K2M3AZqt Rating : 3
Review : Hey, that's pofwleur. Thanks for the news.
Reviewer : InFdiAyl Rating : 4
Review : If the right people and the right sowrtafe are being used then a switchover is actually pretty easy. That’s why Google can simply mandate a switch. They’ve been allowing the use of Linux desktops forever, and even encouraging their use in certain situations. Most of their sowrtafe is web-based, and the important sowrtafe that isn’t web based (their version control system, for example) is cross platform. Plus Google has piles of Linux expertise.Of course we get back to your earlier discussion of Windows applications, etc.It WASN'T straightforward for IBM, Novell or the city of Munich, to name three.I'm fairly certain IBM didn't cut over completely. That, however, may also have to do with their need to support clients who remain Windows-based.Novell was TRYING to be a Linux company but struggled for several years with the effort to migrate, missing goal after goal.However, one little point:When I call some business and am asked to enter my customer number to expedite' processing, the person I TALK to doesn't have that number on her/his screen.When I ordered my saw at Sears last night, one screen was not populated from another that was abundantly clear.Wherever we look, we see shoddy design and implementation.I've never been impressed with the implementation of LANs in the enterprise and less impressed where they REPLACE green-screen, direct-connect applications.Heaven knows THOSE could be bad enough! But at the Lottery, when people were hired for the new environment we immediately recognized a complete lack of discipline and organization we'd come to expect in the mainframe environment.How many decades did it require to create the structures we relied upon in the data center?Novell/Windows LANs come in with high expectations and great -claims- but so often didn't deliver. But the next question really is Do we HAVE the people to properly implement xxx?'From what I've been seeing, the PROGRAMMERS we have now aren't meeting the test. So, what, then of the sysadmins? (or, perhaps more to the point, the MANAGEMENT)
Reviewer : cdpC4uQR Rating : 3
Review : I would guess that Google's Linux install-base is about as large as you could poisbsly hope to see. From what I understand Sun used to have a large Linux installation as well. There are quite a few universities that have large Linux install bases. The installations that I have been involved with have all been pretty small, 100 desktops or less, and to be honest much of the energy that used to go into the desktop side of things has moved to servers. Moving people from Windows to Linux is much harder than scaling out an existing Linux server deployment.
Reviewer : NYY1rHBHG Rating : 2
Review : This is a neat suraymm. Thanks for sharing!
Reviewer : 6Q9Bz9g4tM81 Rating : 1
Review : Remeber Belarus are facing slamiir price hikes yet there has been no problem there. The Nord and south streams are signed, partnership comapines with many european countries are already agreed and in some cases ratified in some paraliments.The real losers in this whole situation are the Ukrainians not just now but in the future. The Ukraines 2 largest sources of income are west bound energy transit/storage and arms. Russia and the rest of Europe are already planning to bypass them in regards to energy in both transit and storage. With the recent revelations in Ukraine's parlimentary investigations into illegal arms dealing, revealing not only Ukraine selling arms to Georgia at cut prices, but during the actual conflict then even shipping it to Georgia in the guise of humanitarian aid after the conflict finished. According to EU legisation any nation shipping arms to a war zone should encur an arms embargo. This combined with the price of minerals etc produced by Ukraine plummeting could leave this country in economic meltdown.As for the gas heres an interesting post from Misha today over at la russophobe. My slamiir post was censored though this response was better anyway.Russia sells gas to Europe under long term contracts that stipulate the price of gas based on the price of oil (for equivalent BTU energy content). The price price of gas is re-adjusted twice per year (every 6 months) to reflect changes in oil prices. Russia supplies about 25% of Europe92s total gas supply and about 80% of that Russian gas passes through Ukraine92s Soviet-era pipelines. Russia has long sought to diversify the transit routes in order to ensure both security of supply (for Europe) and security of demand (for Russia). The two largest projects are the Nord-Stream (94North Stream94) and South Stream pipeline projects. These projects will bypass unstable transit states such as Ukraine and pipe Russian gas directly to Russia92s best customers in Western Europe. Russia is also participating in joint ventures to construct massive gas storage facilities in Europe, which would improve the continent92s ability to weather temporary disruptions to supply such as we are now seeing. The largest gas storage facility in the world is under construction in Belgium and Russia92s Gazprom is a partner in this joint venture.But until these projects come online Europe will continue to remain overly dependent on the Ukrainian transit routes and thus vulnerable to periodic supply disruptions such as we are now seeing.Since the fall of the USSR in 1991, Ukraine has continued to receive Russian gas at a fraction of the price Europe pays. Even at these below-market rates Ukraine frequently fails to pay. For 2008 Ukraine92s price was $179.50 per thousand cubic meters (tcm). This was less than half the average European price of $418 per tcm. The cumulative economic subsidy which Russia has provided to the Ukrainian economy (in the form of subsidized gas) since Ukrainian independence in 1991 amounts to some $150 billion, measured in constant 2009 dollars.Since 2008 Russia has been paying the full 93netback94 price to Central Asian gas producers. (The 93netback94 price is the full European market price, minus only an allowance for transportation costs.) This absurd and unsustainable situation now sees Russia buying gas in Turkmenistan for $350 per tcm and selling it to Ukraine for $179.50 (a loss of $170.50 per tcm right off the top, not even counting transportation costs).The bulk of Russian gas does not come from Central Asia, but rather from Central Siberia, as this pipeline map illustrates. In addition China is now investing in large scale energy projects in Central Asia which will move the bulk of available Central Asian reserves east (not west).As most of Russia92s older oil and gas fields are now facing declining productivity, Russia faces the necessity of making massive investments in energy projects in its far east and arctic regions in order to continue to meet its energy export obligations. This has dramatically raised the marginal cost per unit of energy extracted. Russia is no longer willing (or even able) to continue to deliver energy to customers who refuse to pay market rates (let alone those customers who frequently refuse to pay at all).That Ukraine is a relatively poor country and that it has been adversely impacted by the US-induced global financial crisis is doubtless true, but frankly this is not Russia92s problem. Russia is also a relatively poor country and Russia has its own problems to worry about.If Europe or the U.S. truly believe that Ukraine 93deserves94 to have its energy-inefficient economy and its culture of political and business corruption subsidized to the tune of billions of dollars annually, for the foreseeable future, then some formula will have to be arrived at whereby Europe and the US can pay those subsidies. Russia is no longer willing or able to carry Ukraine92s weight.Russia has long indicated that former Soviet Republics must expect a transition to market prices for gas (as already happened with oil long ago, more or less immediately after the fall of the USSR). Russia has demonstrated remarkable patience and a willingness to phase in market prices over a number of years, to help former Soviet economies make the transition. But far from making efforts for such a transition, Ukraine92s economy remains the most energy-inefficient economy in the world. Ukraine continues to use more natural gas per unit of GDP than any other country on earth, including gas-rich Russia itself. Ukraine has not invested in any meaningful way in energy-saving technologies nor has it created a climate favorable to investments in the development of its own domestic energy resources, which by some estimates are not insubstantial.Ukraine92s gas strategy has been to exploit its monopoly over Soviet-era European gas transit routes in order to extract 93rent94 from Russia. This 93rent94 basically takes three forms: (1) Cash transit fees which Russia pays to Ukraine for the transport of Russian gas across Ukrainian territory. These transit fees are a normal and customary part of the gas business everywhere in the world. Of course Russia understands that it costs money to build and maintain transportation infrastructure. Russia is certainly willing to pay reasonable, customary (and competitive) transit fees, which cover the cost of constructing and maintaining gas transit facilities as well as a reasonable rate of return on the capital invested in such projects. (2) Ukraine has also insisted on receiving Russian gas at below market prices. This of course is not a 93normal94 aspect of the gas business, or any other business, in a market-based economy. This would be as if I contracted with a trucking firm to transport a thousand chickens, at a mutually agreed transport price, and then the trucking firm came back to me and insisted that I also sell them as many chickens and they cared to purchase, for half price. (3) Ukraine has also periodically engaged in the outright pilferage and theft of Russian gas supplies in transit to European markets, paying nothing at all for this gas. This would be as if I contracted with a trucking firm for the delivery of chickens, but half the chickens were simply missing when the truck was opened at its destination. How much do you want to be I will not be doing much business with that firm in the future?To say that Ukraine is not a reliable and profitable partner for the transportation of Russian energy is the understatement of the century. Perhaps this will change in the future and Ukraine might become a more reliable and normal partner. But frankly I don92t see this happening at least until alternative transport routes are opened. Ukraine continues to believe that it can get whatever it wants from Russia by holding Europe92s gas supply hostage. If the current crisis does not make this abundantly clear then I don92t know what would. Perhaps Ukraine can maintain the status quo for some years, and continue to extract monopolist rent from European gas supplies, but if so Europe is going to have to pay. Russia is finished paying for this nonsense.The era of cheap (and sometimes free) Russian gas in Ukraine is fast coming to an end. The sooner Europe and the world (and especially Ukraine) come to grips with this reality the better off everyone will be.I would challenge anyone to name one Western energy company or utility that would continue to provide products and services to a non-paying 93deadbeat94 customer, year after year and decade after decade. As the chairman of Gazprom said recently, 93when you receive a product you have to pay for it. If you don92t pay then you are not going to continue to receive it.94
Reviewer : 22qFxdT7PbX0 Rating : 5
Review : MikeHey. You posted a qoutsien on Massive Voodoo's dayglow colors tutorial asking how to get the acrylic binder used in it. Dick Blick in the US sells 200 ml jars of it, and they ship internationally, but the shipping will be somewhat pricey. Hope this helps.
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