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Title : Her Klingon Soul
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman
Year : 1997
Rating : 2.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Meriadoc Rating : 4
Review : Good book, interesting view in the honor of other species.
Reviewer : OrUT2FCogB Rating : 1
Review : Very interesting qseution! I can really only answer for my own breed and in this case, as the Basset has been taken down a very different road once it came out of France, I'd suggest it really depends on what you want, whether you'd go back to France to buy one. This was a breed originally bred to hunt with people who didn't want to get on horseback. They were bred with loose skin so they could go into dense undergrowth without ripping their skin, to flush out game to the gun. Over recent years, those seen in the UK show ring have become a very different animal to how they used to be (even in the UK!), quite a lot being influenced by Bassets coming in from Holland who have become very much bigger, heavier (substance is required, but there is a limit!) lower to the ground and having more wrinkle (more often being seen as better, in show-terms). There has been a recent adjustment to the Breed Standard in the UK, to hopefully produce a return to the always intended no exaggeration'. On the other hand, in the US, where the breed used to also be big and heavy, it's gone in the opposite direction, taller and lighter.But that's just the Basset. I'd suggest the newer' the breed, the better it would be to go to the country of origin. Over time, all breeds have been adapted to fit popular ideas, from country to country and a lot of it not for the better of the breed concerned!! Look at what's happened with the GSD, the Bulldog, just for starters. Incidentally the old so-called English type GSD never had a banana back and poor back end. And a lot of that look actually come from recent German imports!! Again, recent amendments to the Breed Standards of these breeds, should make for improvement and a pull back from the deviations that happened.Also, just to say the Shar Pei was rescued' from China because it was becoming too wrinkly. It was intended to cut back on the wrinkle. Unfortunately because of all this more is better', many breeders went back to breeding for more wrinkle again. This from a UK perspective.
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