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Title : Faces of Fire
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman
Year : 1992
Rating : 0.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : vlzfedCz2 Rating : 0
Review : Paul maybe I am as stupid as you make me sound. But if you doeelvp the environment on a Terminal Server environment then ALL of your permissions, applications and files can be managed on the server. Kinda like a mainframe. Don’t know if you know anything about those. But nothing can make sense to you as long as you think like a Windows user.Hmmmm I would HOPE not to be making anyone sound stupid.And I've never seen anyone here as BEING stupid!You must understand, TimeWaster, that I ask questions or raise issues to get a better handle on them MYSELF.I really DO want to know what the differences are and where UNIX can provide the same or better services than Windows. The topic is MUCH larger than MY knowledge.We've opened a few areas of Windows' weaknesses and gone over things we already knew. For my slow mind, that's necessary.But if you think I was making you sound stupid, my deepest apology. You aren't and I wasn't. I have nothing but respect for EVERYONE here. (Linda has charged me with such speech patterns and I'm STILL incapable of seeing it!!!)
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