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Title : Dreadnought!
Writers : Diane Carey
Year : 1986
Rating : 2.6667 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ktasay Rating : 4
Review : Very good story from the first person perspective of a Command trainee thrust into the middle of a coup. In many ways her tale parallels characters on the Enterprise which made this tale even more interesting.
Reviewer : mGN05WG4CgcL Rating : 0
Review : For a 450, the 450i runs strong and is in a cacompt chassis. The Carb equipped Polaris 500 is no slouch in the power department, in spite of being a larger heavier machine. Althouth the Polaris design dates back, its´╗┐ suspension takes big hits yet is still remarkably plush. The Polaris has less body roll thanks to its wider stance and sway bar. Both front wheels pull on the Polaris when the rear tires slip, with its weight it may have a few advantages for plowing. I hope this helps.
Reviewer : U0e5ZjxwFKa1 Rating : 4
Review : Carmen, look in the screenshot in the blog. If you click on your name in the upper right hand coernr it will take you to your profile page. On the right hand side of your profile page is a list of years written in light grey. Click on each year (one at a time) and it will bring up the posts from that year, including one box listing all your personal posts and messages. If you hover over that box in the upper right hand coernr, it will give you the pencil icon and the option to Hide those posts.
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