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Title : A Look at the Stars
Writers : Malachy Duffy
Year : 1994
Rating : 0.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : eu1UinUL Rating : 0
Review : That's right, a lazy "anonymous coward" here who doesn't want yet aohentr "identity" on yet aohentr blog site....Sadly, Doug Ross's fantasy script above represents more fake left-right B.S. for the miserable Republicans to swallow hook, line and sinker."George" is no hero--he handed the baton to "Barack", who will hand it on to the next muppet until we Americans wake up to what's really going on and demand our freedom back.That's right, this isn't left vs. right--it's liberty vs. tyranny, with the latter brought to you in living color by the world's elite and enforced by the nascent police state.But don't believe me, just go back to sleep America, it will all be over soon enough. Or, if you really want to take the red pill, do your own research into who really runs the country and the world.
Reviewer : gAfWmNbMVQ Rating : 1
Review : Wednesday,a0Encourage One Another, The Mommy Club,a0Simple Lives Thursday,a0Your Green Resource, Fellowship Friday, /* 22 Comments Filed Under: At Home, Household Tagged With: housekeeping /*
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