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Title : Section 31 Book 4 : Shadow
Writers : Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Year : 2001
Rating : 1.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : HoUHuyPKAX Rating : 2
Review : I'll be playing my part on 8th March, as I'll be stdaning up in Court giving voice to the physical, mental and emotional abuse I have experienced from my Ex. I will be speaking for all those women who have yet to find the courage within themselves and the strength to speak. I will be speaking for my son, because he deserves better, he deserves to be loved wholeheartedly and not played like a pawn in the power dynamic of the old patriarchal ways. I will be his beacon, his reference, his guide of the new way of being in this world. A new way that uses inspiration rather than fear; empowerment rather than power over; love rather than shame. I will stand there with the lineage of women who have gone before me and suffered to birth this new world.I will play my part. Nervous and shaking as I may be; digging for the strength within me to be heard and understood; to be heard; to be heard and honoured; to be heard and finally protected. To see abuse brought to consequence. To see and believe myself that this brave new world we have dreamed can be manifest in our reality, in our time. Please remember me on the 8th March, as I remember and honour all women.Much love.Louise
Reviewer : OrtbSXzmIF11 Rating : 0
Review : Kak Di aku mau sepatunyaaaa ;)Join my gvaeawiy, win lots of cute accessories for 3 lucky winners. Open worldwide till August 12th. Click ˆ ˆCheers, Karina Dinda R. | |
Reviewer : EQqpVvos0r Rating : 2
Review : If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpode.
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