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Title : Modala Imperative
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman, Pablo Marcos, Peter David, Walter Koenig
Year : 1992
Rating : 4.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : LtQbk6sESp7Z Rating : 4
Review : The real power of Active Directory isn’t the directory iestlf. Heck, to a large extent Microsoft borrowed all of this technology from UNIX, which already had large directory implementation in the wild. The real power of Active Directory is that Microsoft has been very disciplined in tying all of its software back to Active Directory.True.But the result is a well-integrated environment with extensive management tools.On the other hand, the integration of 3rd party applications into Active Directory can make THEIR management a horrible headache. I'm thinking of one in particular the Lottery procured forgot its name. Trying to setup a user proof testing environment, along with development and production was a nightmare. Much of it to do with AD and licensing security implementation (gotta make sure no one steals the use of your stuff (no matter HOW crappy it is!)) issues. In a case like that, AD can become like the Registry when it comes to trying to clean an application OUT of your system without a bare-metal OS reinstall!
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