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Title : Daedalus
Writers : Dave Stern
Year : 2003
Rating : 2.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Jace Rating : 3
Review : I picked this book up off a friend's shelf, expecting to read a novelised version of the season 4 episode "Daedalus". To my surprise, I found myself reading about how, years ago, a young Mr Tucker was involved in the Daedalus project, an alternative to the 'Warp 5' engine, harnessing Ion Propulsion. Not only did it satisfy the continuity freak within me (no doubt the Daedalus leant its name to the Daedalus-class), but the closing chapters left me staring at the book, willing the sequel to appear after it. Not ground-shatteringly impossable to put down, but still a good read. Well worth a look, especially if you can borrow/steal it from someone else!
Reviewer : j4SsVU9K2qG Rating : 1
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