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Title : Distant Shores
Writers : Marco Palmieri (Editor)
Year : 2007
Rating : 2.5000 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : SlwXmxKeLRuH Rating : 0
Review : We are still absolutely in love with this eninge. It's just awesome to be able to go out there and be so competitive! . I also enjoyed working with you and your company, and that means a lot. Sometimes places like this (motor related, etc.) have a tendency to be a real pain to a woman, but you put up with me and all my questions and frustrations very well!
Reviewer : XIZz3pc4 Rating : 3
Review : {Once Iran falls to internal trolube or to foreign invasion China will lose it’s hold in the Middle East and it cant instantly befriend Saudi Arabia or the UAE like it could to Iran.}Thank you Ahmed.That's why China never will be a world power because THEY ARE TOO TIMID and conservative to play it save' like a fool. Timid Chian and racist Russia are comfortable with the status quo and are content with their PETTY ROLE in the new world order'. They are willing to be at the service of the war criminals and carry out the order of keeping Iran weak and signing into zionist war plan after nothing left to bring a sanction against it. Then, like Iraq, we will have a war and STUPID CHINA AND RACIST RUSSIA will watch like a fool. They are happy to be left along by giving what the zionists want so China can grow' and be able to produce MORE GARBAGE to bring to the market. They are not able to understand that this policy of giving little by little' to satisfy the war ctriminals in Washington is not a good way to secure their growth' and sooner than later they will come after them them. Timid and foolish people never become anything but servants of the war criminals. Shame on you all. Boycott China and Russia
Reviewer : khxEgGfHIVyw Rating : 4
Review : Also, I wanted to ask what bletuooth is for? I know people walk around with that thing in their ear so they don't have to hold the phone to talk but how is it used on a computer? I don't understand that at all. I find evidence that he is using bletuooth on the computer but I don't understand how that would work. There are things in the history folder I don't understand. I hope that isn't too off topic. I'm trying to catch up on all this stuff men use.
Reviewer : iW0rvvFeEpr Rating : 3
Review : I'm also with Skulleigh. It's Mal for me. If I had to pick one captain to get me soerwhmee or out of a jam, I'd pick Mal. He's not as smart as Picard, but he's not going to hesitate when someone just needs to be effing shot to make a route for us to escape through. Kirk, sure, he's a good captain' but he's lucky too. And luck runs out.
Add your own review

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