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Vanguard Book 3 : Reap The Whirlwind

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People :Ensign Jeff Anderson, Apostate, Avenger, Doctor Lisa Babitz, Petty Officer Second Class Karen Cahow, Lieutenant Kurt Davis, Lieutenant Commander Yael Dohan, Lieutenant Judy Dunbar, Lieutenant Isaiah Farber, Midshipman Cadet Suzie Finneran, Chancellor Gorkon, Herald, Master Chief Petty Officer Mike Ilucci, Councillor Indizar, Captain Atish Khatami, Margaux Luciano, Ambassador Lugok, Maker, Carol Marcus, Nurse Martinez, Lieutenant Commander Bridget McLellan, Aole Miller, Morikmol, Captain Adelard Nassir, Neera, Nezrene [The Emerald], Lieutenant Niwara, Ensign Brian O'Halloran, Lieutenant Parsons, Tim Pennington, Cervantes Quinn, Chief Petty Officer Razka, Commodore Diego Reyes, Doctor Gonzalo Robles, Roger Shear, Sherivan sh’Ness, Lieutenant Sorak, Doctor Steinberg, Lieutenant T'Laen, Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn, Ensign Nguyen Tan Bao, Captain Clark Terrell, Ensign Vanessa Theriault, Petty Officer First Class Salagho Threx, Crewman Torvin, Jeanne Vinueza, Wanderer
Planets :Borzha II, Davlos II, Gamma Tauri IV, Jinoteur II, Jinoteur III, Jinoteur IV, Jinoteur V, Mars, Typerias
Species :Saurian, Shedai, Vulcan Mollusk
Timeline :500,000 bc, 2148, 2260, 2262, 2263, 2266

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