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Kazon Attack

Universe : Prime Timeline

When Captain Janeway decided to destroy the Caretaker's Array rather than allow the Kazon to capture it, she made Voyager the hated enemy of the Kazon-Nistrim sect. The Nistrim launched many attacks over the following two years, but although they were a significant problem for Voyager, Maje Culluh was constantly unsuccessful in his aim of capturing the ship.

The Kazon threat was greatly increased with the defection of Seska. With an 'advisor' who was trained in Federation, Cardassian and Maquis tactics, the Nistrim were able to mount far more effective attacks against the Starship.

Late in the year, Voyager discovered a Kazon message beacon which broadcast a transmission from Seska claiming that she had given birth to the child she had been carrying by Chakotay. She claimed that this had driven Culluh into a rage, and that he was threatening both her and the child. Despite suspecting a trap, Captain Janeway agreed to attempt to rescue the child. Ensign Kim suggested using holographic projections of Talaxian ships in order to distract Kazon forces during any battle, a plan which Janeway implemented.

On the way to the rescue, Voyager came across a damaged Kazon shuttle. The only occupant was Teirna, one of Seska's aides, who claimed that Seska had indeed been killed. Teirna had barely escaped with his own life, and said that the baby was being taken to Jima IV, a nearby planet. Teirna agreed to help the ship penetrate the Nistrim's defences.

On the way to the planet Voyager was repeatedly attacked by Kazon forces. Although not seriously threatening, the attacks mysteriously all concentrated on one area of the ship, damaging the secondary command subprocessors.

Approaching the planet, Voyager encountered the main Nistrim force. In a fierce battle the Starship was able to heavily damage or destroy several large Kazon ships, with Ensign Kim's holographic diversion proving highly effective despite a few momentary glitches in the system.

However, all was not what it seemed. Tierna was in fact an undercover agent of the Nistrim; his body had been impregnated with chemicals which allowed himself to become a Human bomb, inflicting heavy damage on Voyager at a crucial point in the battle. With the holographic diversion off line the Kazon were able to concentrate their fire on the ship. Facing capture, Captain Janeway attempted to destroy Voyager - only to find that the damage to the secondary command subprocessors had taken the ship's autodestruct mechanism off line. Janeway ordered Lieutenant Paris to take a shuttle and escape the scene in an attempt to find some friendly Talaxian forces in the area.

The Kazon-Nistrim boarded and captured Voyager, with a triumphant Maje Culluh accompanied by the very much alive Seska. The crew was abandoned on Hanon IV, a nearby habitable but very primitive planet, whilst Maje Culluh set off with his newly acquired posession.1

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 2 Basics, Part 1
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 7)
Episode : Basics, Part 1

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