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Saving Earth

Universe : Prime Timeline

After the failure to destroy the Xindi weapon at Azati Prime1, Captain Archer was returned to Enterprise by a faction of the Xindi ruling council.2 There followed a period of delicate negotiations between Archer and the Primate and Arboreal Xindi while he tried to convince them of Earth's innocence in the future attack on their people. He was successful, and a rendezvous was set which would allow Archer to meet with the ruing council itself.3

Unfortunately, the Reptilians and Insectoids proved rather less willing to listed to the evidence. When it became clear that the launch of the weapon would at least be delayed, the Reptilian Commander Dolim and a group of Insectoids rebelled against the council and seized control of the weapon. A brief battle with Enterprise and the Primates and Arboreals ensued, but the weapon escaped into a vortex having taken minimal damage. More seriously, the Reptilians kidnapped Lieutenant Hoshi from the Enterprise bridge.4 She was infected with parasites which reconfigured her synaptic pathways, rendering her extremely susceptible to suggestion. Under the influence of the parasites Hoshi broke one of the weapon's launch codes; together with the Reptilian and Insectoid codes this was sufficient to arm the weapon.5

Archer managed to convince the Aquatics to join with the Primate and Arboreal factions in fighting the reptilians and Insectoids by promising to destroy the sphere network which maintained the Expanse. A fleet engaged the weapon, and for a time it seemed that they would be successful; Enterprise even managed to beam a MACO team aboard Dolim's ship and recover Hoshi. Unfortunately the Sphere Builders responded to the attack by using a sphere to create a large super-anomaly to protect the weapon, and it once again escaped into a vortex - this time heading for Earth. Archer took a small party onto Degra's ship, hoping to catch the weapon before it reached Earth, whilst Enterprise attempted to destroy the sphere network. 5

The Insectoid ship accompanying the weapon, having seen that the Sphere Builders were indeed one and the same with the Guardians who had instigated the building of the weapon in the first place, realised that Archer had been telling the truth all along. Unfortunately Commander Dolim refused to accept the proof and destroyed the Insectoid ship.5

The weapon reached Earth on 14th February 2154, with Archer just minutes behind. The Reptilian ship was more than a match for Degra's vessel; fortunately the Andorian Shran was on the scene to help, and he engaged the Reptilian vessel whist Archer led his team onto the weapon and sabotaged it. Commander Dolim followed Archer, and the two fought hand to hand as the weapon began to tear itself apart.6

Shran destroyed the Reptilian ship; mere minutes later Archer killed Dolim most thoroughly, and the Xindi weapon subsequently exploded just short of Earth.6

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