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Trek Awards - Page 8

Ex-astris excellentia award

I am very pleased to inform you that your site, Daystrom Institute Technical
Library, has won the Ex Astris Excellentia Award for July 1999.

Starfleet military reserves outstanding site award

...The color coding is a masterful way of giving an intuitive method of
identifying what degree of truth is in which information...
...With no reservations whatsoever, I am proud to bestow upon
you the Starfleet Military Reserves rating of Outstanding, our
highest, and most difficultly attained rating.

Craig's Star Trek Page Dahar Master award

 The stations, ships and schematics are the best on the net!!

USS Defiant's Honorable star trek site award

Thanks to 'The U.S.S. Defiant Sf
LCARS Databank' for this award.

UFED Fleet Site excellence award

Your website has been awarded the UFED RPO Site Excellence
Award for excellence in design and easy to navigate format.

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