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service history

Trek Awards - Page 7

Star fleet command Captain award

Congratulations you have won the Starfleet Command Award
of Captain. IM am very pleased to award you this award.

TZ 4 star gold award amazing Databank of all that is Star Trek. The diagrams are the
finest, with carefully tabled out information. .The layout of this
site is first class, and so easy to navigate around.

The Nexus Award

...your site is one of the most comprehensive informational
sites that I have ever seen on the internet. Frankly, I was amazed by
the shear size of your site. Based on what I saw your
site more than deserves the Nexus Award.

Starbase 4-7-2 Silber award

With thanks to "Starbase 4-7-2"

Millennial Trek Award Site of the month

...this site will be my first choice when I'm searching
for detailed data about something in the Star Trek universe.

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