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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. Who said "You come from a very brave and unique people. I'm glad you're with us on the Enterprise."?
Off Pike
Off Riker
Off Yar
Off Space hippies
Off T'Pol

2. Who said "I'm no writer, but if I were it seems to me I'd want to poke my head up every once in a while and take a look around, see what's going on. It's life, Jake! You can miss it if you don't open your eyes."?
Off Ben Sisko
Off Torres
Off Odo
Off Picard

3. In which episode does Worf say "Congratulations, you are fully dilated to ten centimetres. You may now give birth."?
Off The Motion Picture
Off Disaster
Off The Lorelei Signal
Off The Host
Off What You Leave Behind

4. In which episode does Janeway say "Goodbye. And good luck, Ambassador."?
Off Q-Less
Off Obsession
Off Zero Hour
Off Reunion
Off Homestead

5. Who said "What are you doing with that dog? I'm not talking about the puppy!"?
Off The Companion
Off Female Q
Off Loria
Off Shelby

6. In which episode does Archer say "I've been told that people are calling us heroes. When it comes to my crew, you won't get any argument from me."?
Off Night
Off Home
Off The Forsaken
Off The Galileo Seven
Off The Wrath of Khan

7. Who said "Captain's log, stardate 9522.6. I've never trusted Klingons, and I never will. I've never been able to forgive them for the death of my boy. It seems to me our mission to escort the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council to a peace summit is problematic at best. Spock says this could be an historic occasion, and I'd like to believe him. But how on earth can history get past people like me?"?
Off Helena
Off Hanson
Off Kudak'Etan
Off Kirk

8. Who said "Father and son, both proud, both stubborn, more alike than either of them are prepared to admit. A lifetime spent building emotional barriers, they're very difficult to break down. And now the time has come when it is too late. It's a difficult moment. It's a lonely one."?
Off Kirk
Off Picard
Off The EMH
Off Paris
Off Data

9. Who said "You have never seen death? Then look, and always remember."?
Off Worf
Off Chakotay
Off Gralik
Off Yar
Off T'Pau

10. In which episode does Data say "Is that the purpose of existence? To care for someone?"?
Off The Cloud Minders
Off Tin Man
Off The Undiscovered Country
Off Rogue Planet
Off The Trouble With Tribbles

11. In which episode does Admiral Jarok say "I will never see my child smile again. She will grow up believing that her father was a traitor. But she will grow up."?
Off The Defector
Off Unification, Part 1
Off Nemesis
Off Shadows of P'Jem
Off Where No Man Has Gone Before

12. In which episode does Shakaar say "You know, I've been a soldier and I've been a politician, and I have to say, I'm beginning to think that being a soldier was easier."?
Off Crossfire
Off Hollow Pursuits
Off This Side of Paradise
Off The Offspring
Off Life Support

13. Who said "You hew-mons, all you want to do is please your women. You want them to be your friends. But we Ferengi know better. Women are the enemy."?
Off Tarquin
Off Worf
Off Spock
Off Kirk
Off Quark

14. In which episode does Spock say "It is impossible for Captain Kirk to act out of panic or malice. It is not in his nature."?
Off Court Martial
Off By Any Other Name
Off The Neutral Zone
Off The Naked Time
Off Balance of Terror

15. Who said "Did you hear him joke about compassion? Above all else a 'god' needs compassion!"?
Off Odo
Off McCoy
Off Sylvia
Off Troi
Off Kirk

16. Who said "You admit the truth and yet expect him to accept punishment? What does this say of an Empire who holds honour so dear?!"?
Off Janeway
Off Abraham Lincoln
Off Picard
Off Kira
Off Torres

17. Who said "Young children are sometimes frightened of the world. That doesn't mean that their parents should let them stay in their cribs."?
Off Barclay
Off Scotty
Off Talok
Off Seven
Off Kahlest

18. Who said "That's why some of my generation are kinda crazy and rebels, you know? We wonder if we're going to be alive when we're thirty."?
Off Mudd
Off Roberta Lincoln
Off Odo
Off Phlox
Off Picard

19. Who said "I'm proud of my craft, captain. I've practiced it for many years. I won't let my work be corrupted in this way. Seven million people… if I'd chosen my clients more carefully that tragedy might not have happened. I don't intend to let it happen again."?
Off The Borg
Off Janeway
Off Martok
Off Dukat
Off Gralik

20. Who said "You're right! What I'm about to do, it doesn't make any sense. It's not logical, it is a gut feeling. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do... I only know what I can do. The Enterprise and her crew need someone in that chair who knows what he's doing. And it's not me. It's you, Spock."?
Off Pike
Off Worf
Off Archer
Off Picard
Off Kirk


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 3,155 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970