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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Weyoun say "Gods don't make mistakes."?

2. Who said "Actually, I've lost my taste for beetle snuff. It might be fun for you and me, but it's no fun for the beetles!"?

3. Who said "Where did your race get this ridiculous predilection for resistance? You examine any object, you question everything. Is it not enough to accept what is?"?

4. In which episode does Joseph Sisko say "Jake, the only time you should be in bed is if you're sleeping, dying, or making love to a beautiful woman."?

5. In which episode does Scotty say "This is Lieutenant Commander Scott. The Enterprise takes no orders except those of Captain Kirk and we will stay right here until he returns and if you make any attempt to board or commandeer the Enterprise, it will be blown to bits along with as many of you as we can take with us."?

6. Who said "Everyone has their reasons. That's what's so terrifying; people can find a way to justify any action, no matter how evil."?

7. In which episode does Picard say "I am never critical of any member of my staff being curious."?

8. In which episode does Scotty say "My wee Granny used to say, ye canna' break a stick in a bundle. You're part of something bigger now, lass. Don't you give up on that, because we'll sure as hell never give up on you. That is what being part of a crew is all about."?

9. Who said "What are you doing with that dog? I'm not talking about the puppy!"?

10. Who said "My bairns! My poor bairns!"?

11. In which episode does Data say "It is true I am acting on my personal beliefs. But I do not see how I can do otherwise."?

12. In which episode does Old Spock say "Jim, I just lost my planet. I can tell you, I am emotionally compromised."?

13. Who said "We're on a difficult mission, but it's not the first time. Our orders do not say 'stay alive' or 'retreat'. Our mission is to investigate."?

14. In which episode does Bones say "Jim, you don't ask the Almighty for His ID!"?

15. In which episode does Female Founder say "You may win this war, commander, but I promise you, when it is over, you will have lost so many ships, so many lives, that your "victory" will taste as bitter as defeat."?

16. In which episode does Winn say "I was in a Cardassian prison camp for five years. And I can remember each and very beating I suffered. And while you had your weapons to protect you, all I had was my faith and my courage."?

17. In which episode does McCoy say "You've got your problems, I've got mine. But he's got ours, plus his, plus four hundred and thirty other people."?

18. In which episode does Seven say "Physiologically, it bears a striking similarity to disease. A series of biochemical responses that trigger an emotional cascade impairing normal functioning."?

19. Who said "The Vulcans say that the desert teaches men the meaning of endurance, but it's the ice that forges real strength."?

20. Who said "With this Coalition of Planets we seek to strengthen our bonds of friendship, render permanent the peace that now exists among us for the ongoing exploration of our galaxy. Let us dedicate ourselves to these worthy goals so that future generations can look back upon this moment with pride and eternal gratitude."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 5,525 Last updated : 4 Jun 2020