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Large Quiz - Quotes

1. In which episode does Harry say "I didn't notice a little box on my chair!"?
Off Ashes to Ashes
Off Dagger of the Mind
Off Assignment: Earth
Off Unimatrix Zero, Part 1
Off Repentance

2. In which episode does Quark say "It's like I said, the more things change, the more they stay the same."?
Off Coming of Age
Off The Empath
Off Arena
Off Once More Unto the Breach
Off What You Leave Behind

3. Who said "Take us out of the system. But not too quickly; the Andorian mining consortium runs from no-one!"?
Off Spock
Off Odo
Off Tefler
Off Shran
Off Picard

4. Who said "Commander Klingon vessel. This is Admiral Kirk, alive and well on the planet's surface. I know this will come as a pleasant surprise to you! Sorry about your crew, but as we say on Earth, 'c'est la vie'."?
Off Trip
Off Kirk
Off Ro
Off Cochrane
Off Trelane's Father

5. In which episode does EMH say "A nebula? What were we doing in a nebula? No wait, don't tell me. We were 'investigating'. That's all we do around here. Why pretend we're going home at all, all we're going to do is 'investigate' every cubic millimetre of this quadrant, aren't we?"?
Off The Naked Time
Off Emanations
Off Good Shepherd
Off Chain of Command, Part 2
Off The Cloud

6. In which episode does Decker say "We all create God in our own image."?
Off Star Trek Into Darkness
Off Where No One Has Gone Before
Off A Private Little War
Off Sacrifice of Angels
Off The Motion Picture

7. In which episode does Dukat say "I am the only Cardassian left... and if no one else will stand against the Klingons, I will."?
Off Return to Grace
Off A Taste of Armageddon
Off The Squire of Gothos
Off Transfigurations
Off Sins of the Father

8. In which episode does Picard say "Father and son, both proud, both stubborn, more alike than either of them are prepared to admit. A lifetime spent building emotional barriers, they're very difficult to break down. And now the time has come when it is too late. It's a difficult moment. It's a lonely one."?
Off A Fistful of Datas
Off Daedalus
Off Unification, Part 1
Off Return to Tomorrow
Off The Motion Picture

9. Who said "On pure speculation, just an educated guess, I'd say that man is alive."?
Off Captain Janeway
Off Worf
Off Hoshi
Off Stubbs
Off McCoy

10. In which episode does Janeway say "Delete the wife."?
Off Fair Haven
Off Captain's Holiday
Off Violations
Off The Inner Light
Off The Ultimate Computer

11. In which episode does Sulu say "Don't call me tiny."?
Off The Squire of Gothos
Off First Flight
Off The Search for Spock
Off Star Trek Beyond
Off Let He Who Is Without Sin...

12. In which episode does Kirk say "One of the advantages of being a captain, doctor, is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it."?
Off Singularity
Off Friday's Child
Off Dagger of the Mind
Off Return to Grace
Off Turnabout Intruder

13. Who said Kirk : "You? Spinoza?"
Mitchell : "Once you get into him, he's rather simple though. Childish, almost. I don't agree with him at all."?
Off Odo
Off Spock
Off Riker
Off Kirk
Off Phlox

14. Who said "You know the old saying, a man who is always looking over his shoulder is waiting for trouble to find him."?
Off Janeway
Off Picard
Off O'Brien
Off T'Pol
Off Elbrun

15. In which episode does McCoy say "Oh, don't be so melodramatic. You were barely dead."?
Off Hide and Q
Off Redemption, Part 1
Off The Galileo Seven
Off Star Trek Into Darkness
Off Flashback

16. Who said "It feels like we're being pecked to death by ducks!"?
Off Varria
Off McCoy
Off Janeway
Off Chakotay
Off Sato

17. Who said McCoy : "There's something wrong about a man who never smiles, whose conversation never varies from the routine of the job, and who won't talk about his background."
Spock : "I see."
McCoy : "Spock, I mean that it's odd for a non-Vulcan. The ears make all the difference."
Spock : "I find your argument strewn with gaping defects in logic."
McCoy : "Maybe, but you can't evaluate a man by logic alone. Besides, he has avoided two appointments that I've made for his physical exam without reason."
Spock : "That's not at all surprising, Doctor. He's probably terrified of your beads and rattles."?
Off Soval
Off Spock
Off Kirk
Off Boyce
Off Kang

18. Who said "It is interesting that people try to find meaningful patterns in things that are essentially random. I have noticed that the images they percieve sometimes suggest what they are thinking about at that particular moment. Besides, it is clearly a bunny rabbit."?
Off Data
Off Stubbs
Off Picard
Off Soran
Off Commodore Paris

19. In which episode does Romulan say "It would seem that we are not completely dissimilar after all. In our hopes, or in our fears."?
Off Time and Again
Off The Doomsday Machine
Off Skin of Evil
Off Fury
Off The Chase

20. In which episode does Chakotay say "Monsters in the replicator. Who else on this ship can handle that?"?
Off Imaginary Friend
Off Q-Less
Off Twisted
Off The Squire of Gothos
Off Mortal Coil


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 4,035 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970