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Medium Quiz - Quotes

1. Who said "Let's see what's out there..."?

2. In which episode does Riker say "Without trust there's no friendship, no closeness, none of the emotional bonds that make us who we are."?

3. In which episode does T'Pol say "You'll never fully recover. The emotions you've accessed will be with you the rest of your life."?

4. In which episode does Devos say "In a world where children blow up children, everyone's a threat."?

5. Who said "Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think 'interesting' would suffice."?

6. In which episode does McCoy say "Well, Jim, here's another morsel of agony for you. Since Tyree won't fight, he will be one of the first to die."?

7. In which episode does Martok say "I tell you Worf, war is much more fun when you're winning!"?

8. Who said "I will never see my child smile again. She will grow up believing that her father was a traitor. But she will grow up."?

9. Who said "The true test of a warrior is not without, it is within!"?

10. In which episode does Quark say "There's nothing quite so depressing as a winning streak that won't stop streaking."?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 6,620 Last updated : 23 Jan 2021